Rubicon Draughting started trading in October 2013 with 50 years of detailing experience between the Shareholders.


We have a dedicated team who works on Tekla Structures and we cover a wide spectrum of heavy, medium and light steelwork structures as well as specialized Conveyor detailing and Plate work (Bunkers, Bins, Hopper, Tanks etc.)

We also have the capabilities to do Connection design.

Our fabrication packages include the following but are not limited to:

  • Erection GA’s
  • Assembly Drawings
  • Fabrication Drawings
  • DSTV / CNC Files
  • Templates
  • Material lists as per client requirements


All drawings will be created to steel manufacturers requirements.


Capacity of detailing tonnages per month


  • Platework – 250T per month Average
  • Conveyor Steelwork – 350-400T per month Average
  • Structural Steelwork – 600T per month Average

We are able to increase capacity to meet any project deadline requirements.




  • Tekla Structures version 18 and upwards




  • Our qualified Structural Detailers are of the highest quality standards – Qualifications includes National Diploma in Structural Detailing from the SAISC School of Draughting.
  • Checker with more than 40 years of detailing and engineering experience.



Rubicon Draughting (Pty) Ltd intends to serve the Structural Steelwork Industry and to further our international market utilising the many benefits of the globally compatible software. We work strictly according to the SAISC (South African Institute for Steel Construction) standards.

With experience we understand the necessity for high quality fabrication drawings; hence we see our company’s success dependent on the standard and quality we provide.


Thank you for your time and interest in our business.